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Hi and welcome to IIyah Records London. We are an Independent Record Label | Recording Studio and Music Production company that inspires musicians to bring creativity into everyday life. Founded April-26-2018, built June-13-2018. We an empire of dedicated, consistent, passionate creatives like yourselves, who won't give up on your goals. We also support and encourage artists to create “real” music, allowing them to feel comfortable expressing how they feel. In conjunction with us promoting a real, open and expressive brand of music we try to create a sense of swagger about our artists while staying within their individual tastes.

We have developed a roster that spans the full spectrum of popular music, comprising an unrivalled catalogue of talented, professional musicians who can release hits while still innovating, elevating popular music to the next level. Take a look through our listings and see whether you think we're a match for you, and feel free to leave a message on the form below to discuss your next step. 

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